Snutz 4 - FRW Warlock/BG9 > COMPLEXITY WITH SKYPE! by Snutz
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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Hey guys, I know it's been a long wait but Snutz 4 is finally here.

It was really hard to find the clips that I wanted because of how the game is right now, just not as entertaining anymore but hopefully this is fine =).

At first I was planning on making a video with just music, but because of a high popular demand on skype this video will have skype in it with trance playing in the background.

This will be the first movie to ever have Reckful, Myself and Toez's voice in it which (hopefully) will be more entertaining then my music in my previous movies.

If you would like another version - maybe in the near future with my music then make a comment below and I'll try my best to make get that version out ASAP!

This video was made for the pure entertainment of others, not any special highlights that would take months to record, just everyday arena.


Make sure to check out

For rogue POV, watch Reckful 2:
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