Emdee 3 by Magedeth
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormreaver ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary

After a long break from wow, I'm back, and I'm bringing you some early cataclysm fire mage action.

The movie is purely about wpvp/BG and Tol'Barad action, so don't expect any arena footage.

After starting wow again, I got a lot of requests to make another movie, and after only seeing movies of fotmreroller frost mages facerolling on wcm... I decided that's definitely the opposite of what I want to show.
Considering my burning hatred for arcane, fire was the way to go.

As always, my goal with this movie was to create something entertaining and fun to watch, while also learning something new about editing and experiment with it, in which I think I was successful.


Things not to expect:

- Arena
- Frost & Arcane specs

Things you will see:

- Fierce and fiery fire stuff
- Baddie opponents (as usual)
- Engineeringundeadmageclich´┐Żbullshit :):))9
- A whole lot of jumping
- Random clips with no relevance

Some Addons seen in the movie:

-Afflicted 3
-Power Auras Classic
-SCT (scrolling combat text)
-TinyTip Options
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