Ganking All Lowbies Shadowstep Ft Abandonation Machinima by TauriMovies by Shadowstepz
Class: Rogue | Category: Machinima | Server : US - Arthas ( Ruin )
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Movie Summary
A Very Chill mood song

Gankin all lowbies i dont give a motherfuck

Verse 1 (Shadowstepx)
never slip up or proceed to get crit up
im Gankin 80s and lowbies from Drenis to nights elf
froms humans to gnomies
Critszes me if u want ima never give it up Im still
(gankin all lowbies i dont give a motherfuck fuck fuck)
in stv is where im dominating
patiently waiting for you to walk by im premeditaing
Never ever hesitating,blinding them like clayton
im the deadliest rogue proven to own foez show
never scared to let my flag show.
up in descolace yo hidden in the grass thou
black mask wintergrasp
killin wit da ill lagg dont that make you feel bad
runnin wit tha blue flag allies like whos dat
when i stick and move jack.
Im mutilating who ever suckers placing
i face em erase em better replace em im gankin em shakin em.
now that suckas dead...he said i need a rez
It be that shadow music my hordies boppin to it

Gankin all lowbies i dont give a motherfuck

Verse 2 (Abandonation)
when you see me better flee the scene/
remember the days when i was a lowbie, nobody ever spared me/
they didnt care that i was only 30 levels young/
wasnt skill involved they had bigger and better guns/
now that i'm in position all you see is these cowards run/
loggin off gettin their mains that equals more fun/
im waitin in the same spot ya alt got ganked/
it'll be the same place that your main get's shanked/
never showin mercy for the competition/
i only went alliance to study and learn the ways of the oppostion/
i got my world defense on just incase your itchin/
catch you flitchin when your searchin for your pot to piss in/
gettin pissed cause you didnt get the first jump/
qqin' cause you wasnt prepared, u mad chump?/
when i stealth up gaurantee you blood'll get shed/
only live by one rule, Red = Dead
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