Unholy Dk Arms Warrior 2v2 Arena, The Wrong TSG. by Ikkiau
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : US - Malfurion ( Shadowburn )
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Ikkiau's Arena Team 1
Drivenlol Finalrequiem
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Wow, been a while since I played with driven but overall it went quite well, looking back it really has been a while since I played my dk competitively and sad to see so many mistakes (Mainly the IBF) and some of the trinket use's. Overall tho, the grind to 2200 2's wasn't as painful as I expected. We were very lucky and only saw 4 holy paladins, 3 of which we beat, on the 50 or so games we played, However most of the match's were very annoying to watch, and I saw little entertainment out of it.
This is the highest rating I've been on a Dk in about a year and a half, Lost most of my dk habits, and mainly the reason I Fail on IBF so much, But w.e.
This is a "Skill-Less Comp" while we do, and i believe have some focus pet stun's throwdowns fears ect to peel damage, I didn't make it as apparent
as I could have, and it looks like we jsut tunnle inthis video.
Thruganomic's Spell Locked me so I Couldn't mind freeze is fear.
Dark Sim'd an Iceblock, Having to type cancelaura is not in a macro :), and was an out of date addon mistake.
My Thoughts. I Really hope this doesn't become the easiest way for warriors and dk's to pop their 2200 2's, but from my current experience,
I'm seeing alot of 45 min timeout matches as unholy holy, arms resto druid, rsham vs. affliction, this was just the easy to get driven's warrior
his 2200 towards arena master.
Loss's. When we lost, to much of my amazement, it wasn't because of comp loss, we got out played, Mostly on spriest mage teams, once on hpal feral.
most of the time our losses were to "Earlthepearl" "Blacktvstar" "Plasticfork" and "Bighoppay" So shoutout to those guys, and most of those losses are because.
Silenced -> RoF/Sheep, Disarmed before storm gets out of ring, Someone ate a critical spell reflect, Bad/Soft Strangulate. Respect for the matches we lost. Editing in this may not be what you expected, i find that in arena, you can easily edit out mistakes or make them less noticible, and prefer to see my faults, so that i can learn from them, so i left it rougly clean aside from some of the music editing.In most of the games I'm out Geared, The mirror we faced had all but 4 pieces vicoious, I'm the oppsite with 90% of my gear being blue.
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