Learn To Purr 4 - Wizard of Pawz by Kerberus
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Bloodfeather ( Rampage )
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Kerberus's Arena Team 1
Kerberus Arcanox
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Kerberus's Arena Team 2
Kerberus Arcanox Amiralen
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Hello viewers!

I'm proud to present my latest movie, now with less failing than before!

I decided to make another little collection of footage, which I recorded over the last week or two, when Blizzard announce their plans for patch 4.0.6. I like many was dismayed at the announcement of removing root shifting from (feral) druids. So I figured before that happens I'll sit down and make something. Which is why this movie should be regarded as a portrayal of, nay an ode to, this unique playstyle that you may never forget! I didn't want to include exclusively footage where I play perfectly, instead I tried to capture stuff that best shows feral 4.0.3a gameplay.

I realize many of you will probably just see "feral", "mage", "shaman" or any combination of the aforementioned and start raging but I do not intend to show off as I too realize what state some things were in. If you want to know my opinion on ferals for example you may search for it on the official EU druid forums.


Enough with the blabla, here's some actual info:

This is an Arena movie!

The movie was recorded at Bloodfeather EU on the Rampage/Saccage battlegroup. Included are various clips of both the 2v2 and 3v3 bracket.

The 2v2 team called "Wizard of Pawz" consisting of Arcanox and myself, Kerberus (hence the movie's subtitle, I'm not talking about myself) . Rank at time of making: 2nd - 5th @ 2.5k+ rating.

The 3v3 team furthermore consists of the two of us and a resto shaman called Amiralen. Rank at the time of making: 15th - 20th @ 2.5k-2.6k rating)

The movie was rendered with h264 for streaming and WMV, I recommend downloading the WMV for best quality.

Hope you enjoy! :)

Track List:

Audiovent - The Energy
The Dirty Secrets - Five Feet of Snow (Miami Horror Remix)
Crystal Castles - Not In Love (ft. Robert Smith)
The Sounds - Rock N Roll
Story of the Year - We Are Not Gonna Make It
Metric - Collect Call (outro)
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