Nemezís: My favourite mining spot. by Nemezís
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Disclaimer: This is not my rogue, this is my brothers rogue, therefore I'm clicking quite a lot actually, since I really couldn't remember which abilities I bound to what keys. I might also have done some stupid rogue mistakes, but as mentioned, I am not used at playing a rogue, at all.

This spot is probably not as viable for other classes, as it is for rogues, I have seen classes as Feral Druids, Hunters, Death Knights farm in the mine, by using their pets/stealth abilities. I have also seen well geared players, farm inside the mine, by simply just avoiding/killing the mobs.

Normally there would be more ores inside the mine. But at the time I filmed this, there were another rogue mining. (As you also can see at one point in the video).

If you got any questions feel free to comment, send me a message or even contact me ingame!

Greetings Nemezís.
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