Crimmy 2: The Legend of Afro Tree by Cdim
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : US - Scilla ( Stormstrike )
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Same as my other video: Arena with guild/ random shenanigans that I find entertaining and decided to record. The random things in the video are just as important to me if not more than the arena its self, because it was so fun to make. The whole RP stuff in the video is sarcastic if you guys don't catch

Hello, this is my second movie and my first cata/3v3 video. This video is 150% for entertainment purposes only, not to flash my epeen or anything while I was running a comp that was pretty nasty at the time. The MMR of the 3s/5s or whatever I was playing varied between ~2300-~2450. Pretty much every arena clip is from the startish of the season when I was getting used to how the new resto played before lust removal and such. I was going to add a couple newer games, but my hard drive poo'd on them and the game changes every month in arena so it is what it is.

Go to the end of the video.

Hope you Enjoy, if you have questions that aren't answered say below or PM me.
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