Worlds Fastest Leveling Guild - Elite Game Time ft. Jammku by Jammku
Class: Multiple | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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An inside look at the worlds fastest leveling guild, Lègend from the guild master himself.

Lègend of Tichondrius has level capped before any other guild on US servers. Trade chat on Tichondrius is full of haters, and this video is dedicated to them.

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Limited rights reserved, this video was created by Jammku, and as such may not be copied or displayed without Jammku's permission. Player made moments, though existing in the confines of a product, belong - in a limited manor - to the creator of those moments.

Edit: We've been featured on Legendary's webshow at Thanks Fony!

WoW PvP is at a sad state when I have almost double the views of Kamil's work of art. ;_;
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