66,500 Experience a minute! by INVA
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14 mobs, 4.75k xp per, 20 second respawn, each pull takes about 40 seconds to complete.
do the math, 66.5k exp a minute!
(yes there are larger pulls you can make in this area, i did a pull landing me over 120,000 exp, but it used to many cds and the odds of dying are pretty high, this is the best place to be able to consistently, every single minute without death, cds, or down time, level.)

This was quickly put together to show how its done cleanly without the use of ice block or any major cooldowns, with out any down time at all.
This is infinitely faster then questing, and for those who don't really enjoy the whole roleplaying hero questing side of wow, this is a quick way to get your mage up to 85 so you can get pvping.
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