Orcs of the Red Blade (promo) by Kozgugore
Class: Hunter | Category: Guild Promotion | Server : EU - Defias Brotherhood ( Rampage )
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The Orcs of the Red Blade have been a feature of Defias Brotherhood (EU) almost from the beginning, nearly five years ago. We are an orc-only guild with a strong reputation for good RP and our efforts to keep WPvP alive.

We aim to unite all orcs who seek to bring the roots of the orcish traditions back to the New Horde. We do this not only by organizing tribal events, but through war campaigns as well. A perfect opportunity to get a good taste of orc RP, in other words!

Feel free to take a look at our website or, even better, seek us out in-game!

About the trailer itself:
Some of the footage recorded has been done so by the aid of Malu's WMT, which has aided a lot in the making of this. Big thanks to him and his lovely tool! (That came out a little wrong, didn't it?)

Other than that, a big thank you to everyone else who helped along, and organized their grand WPvP events in the past few weeks. This is my second "serious" attempt at movie-making, and first attempt at providing it a decent audio as well. Obviously, a rather cheap microphone was used, so I know the voice quality may not always be up to par.

Nonetheless, thanks for watching!
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