FAGCLEAVE Chapter I by Leandris
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Echsenkessel ( Sturmangriff )
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Leandris's Arena Team 1
Aska Léandris
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This movie is not meant to be serious.
I was pretty bored and decided to play some 2's with my green / blue equiped deathknight (you may notice the itemlevel 0 pvp trinket from the dk starting zone; itemlevel while frapsing was about 316).
I never played a deathknight before this video and I believe my mate never played discipline priest before either. MMR ranges from 1.6k-2k (yeah I didn't believe it either).
Since this is my first movie don't expect too fancy editing (I spent like a two hours to get the commentary thingy done)
Criticism would be nice as long as it doesn't turn into a flame and/or hate thingy.

Sorry for my terrible english I am not very used to it but I hope you enjoy it :)

Music used:
Pendulum - Crush
Pendulum - Self vs Self feat. InFlames
Pendulum - The Vulture

I usually listen to melodic death metal but I thought most of you wouldn't like to listen to this. If so let me know for the next movie ;)
In case you enjoyed this you might wanna check out my youtube channel SinSuxz for future short clips
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