Feral Druid - Solo Sapphiron by Elision
Class: Druid | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Elune ( Ruin )
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I rarely upload videos to WCM, you can find me @ youtube.com/justanotherdruid


This is footage of the world first Sapphiron solo by a druid.

This is something that I have secretly been working on weekly since the release of Cataclysm. The kill took over 200 attempts , and almost 40 wipes were under the 3% mark.

Health: 4,183,500
Enrage: 15 Minutes
Prominent Abilities: Unmitigatable Frost Aura, Life Drain, Moving Blizzard, Ice Block, 112,000 - 187,000 Frost Bomb

Sapphiron Spec: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#0ZfMGcRu0zrckMcu


1. Keep moving. You want to be moving at running speed almost all the time, but never face away from Sapphiron (in order to dodge attacks). If you do not know how to

Backstrafe, please watch my video from 2009 titled "How to Backstrafe". Knowing how to backstrafe properly is absolutely vital as a feral tank.

2. Shield Wall every CD (3 minutes), use Barkskin on top of Shield Wall and go cat form, then Mangle - Rake - Mangle (to 5 combo points) - Tiger's Fury - Rip - Rake

3. Berserk every CD (3 minutes) and spam Mangle (Bear Form). The perfect situation is just after she lands, hit shield wall and barkskin, go cat, do your rotation, go bear,

do 3 Lacerates, Pulvurize, Lacerate once, then Berserk. Stand in Blizzard while zerking and DO NOT apply Demoralizing Roar before or during Berserk (Physical damage Taken =

Vengeance = Damage Done). Stand in Blizzard for rage.

4. Immediately before and immediately after each air phase, apply 3 stacks of Lifebloom, a Rejuvenation, and follow them up by either Thorns + Feral Charge (Bear Form) (if

you're above 60% HP) or Regrowth (if you're under 60% HP).

5. Save Tranquility for immediately after an air phase in the case of an emergency.

The buffs used were during the kill were as follows:
Mark of the Wild
Flask of the Winds
Skewered Eel
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