Lament of Vaia: Part One by Drewcifer
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World of Warcraft full audio rebuild project #2: Lament of Vaia by Drewcifer.

Finally! This is a followup video to my previous full audio rebuild project "Stratholme" - some of you guys might remember it, it was released way back in 2009 and I've been promising to do a followup since then. Well, the day has finally come - even then, this isn't the whole thing, but it's the first part of two that I'll be releasing. Sorry it's taken such a long time but I've been working hard in my spare time writing game soundtracks, and just haven't had a spare second to finish this off!

With this project I wanted to make something that would be more like an intro movie, establishing atmosphere and a plot and characters, as opposed to a straight audio rebuild like my last project. I hope you like it :)

As before, only originally created or 100% free audio samples are used. Music and voices are all original. No professional recording facilities or equipment were used, only my home studio.

All donations gratefully received: you can contribute using the donation link at :)



Contact me:
- [email protected]

All WoW content is Blizzard Entertainment. All other content me.
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