BEBEP FA 3 ft. Corporatus, Fakeyou, Razghul by Andrew Aidlez
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Soulflayer ( Flurry )
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Sup folks,
Here's a (not so) little something to keep you entertained while you're waiting for season10. It's a
pure arena video, if you're only looking for heavy editing and/or storyline, please check out my other videos. I've also included duels against Fakeyou and Razghul (one duel for each), both fire. The Razghul duel is a bit messy though, sorry for that, we weren't able to finish our dueling series.


2500+ rated 3v3 games as fire;
Fire/Frost/Disc and Fire/Feral/Disc comps;
2v2 fun with Corporatus;
Duels against Fakeyou and Razghul;
Close to no editing;
Electro music (no trance or dubstep);
32 min in total.

I will most likely do the fourth installment next season, however considering that collecting footage for this one took me over 350 games in total, it probably won't be out till late s10 (having troubles finding teammates as a fire mage). Anyhow,

Please enjoy!

PS: Corporatus @ Facebook!
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