Opposition 6 by V_passer
Class: Druid | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Shattered Hand ( Cyclone )
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About the content:
This is a feral druid 3v3 video filmed around 4.06 and 4.10 in EU Cyclone including:
1 4.10 DK Feral Shaman vs 2700mmr Warrior Mage Priest
2 4.06 Feral Mage Priest vs 2700mmr Warrior Priest Paladin
3 4.06 Warrior Feral Shaman vs 2600mmr Warrior Hunter Shaman
4 4.10 DK Feral Shaman vs 2600mmr DK Hunter Paladin
5 Very entertaining game that I want to keep it as a little secret for a while
6 I promise to give a surprise to those who watch till the end

As all my teammates are Chinese Students studying in Europe, we used Chinese on skype, but I think you can at least feel our passion from our voice. And I also prepared some subtitle for my own key sentences so you can understand what I was doing.

About the idea I want to express in this latest Opposition:
If you can only reach 3000 with an imba combo and gladiator teammates but stuck in 2000 with a fair combo and average players, I will consider you as a 'combo master', but nothing more.
However, if you can get 2600 with good combo and good gamers, stay in 2400 with simple combo and average players, as well as boost a bad combo and some beginers to 2200, no matter if you are granted a title or not, in my heart, you are the true 'Arena Master'.
Since it proves that, you do know everything of your ability, your class, your function and the whole stuff of arena.

Either for proving or improving yourself, try as much as you can. That's what I suggest for you, my friend^_^

After this video, I will AFK for a while to finish my dissertation, see you next time in TW server^_^
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