Into The Abyss by Into The Abyss
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Ravenholdt ( Misery )
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Into The Abyss's Arena Team 1
Kho (Feral) Zoh (MM)
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Zoh and Kho: Into the Abyss
Patch: Wotlk 3.3.5


1)What is (A-T)?
A-T is a private server. But before you immediately downrate we feel it has to be mentioned how WoW icons such as Hydra, Kalimist, Raiku, Khuna, Marmeladex, Sonydigital, lecken, Flyn and Ziqo among others have participated and continue to do so in 3v3 tournaments on A-T.

2) Aren’t private servers bugged/lagged/Underpopulated?
For the most part yes, However We have played on every credible private server you care to mention and until this day A-T is the only one which is balanced/lag free with a competitive population of over 1500 people. We have played live since vanilla with our respective classes and A-T not only mirrors retail servers but in our opinion far exceeds them.
If your not convinced visit the site below for more information and to test it out for yourself.

3)How did you rank on the leaderboard?
We played Kittycleave for about 3-4months before we began recording for the movie, so we were pretty well versed as far as tactics goes. We peaked at around 2420 mmr after 2 week of casual gameplay. Remember also that A-T ratings are considerably lower as shown in the answer to question 4.

4)What’s the difference between A-T ratings and live ratings?
Since A-T has a considerably lower population than battlegroups on retail it can be expected that ratings are lower. However this does not suggest the teams are less skilled by any means. The people who occupy the top ranks on A-T more often than not occupy substantial ratings on retail. From what we’ve seen you can generally calculate what someone would be on live by adding around 250 - 300 to their A-T rating. (This is only a rough guide to give you retail players some perspective on A-T rankings). For all you cata players out there also take into account the highest teams of wotlk only ever barely scratched the surface of 3k rating.

5)How are the titles on A-T earned?
This is where A-T differs slightly from live. Wrathful Gladiator is awarded to the rank 1 team and Relentless Gladiator is awarded to the rank 2 team at the end of each season. The other teams in top 5 occupying rank 3,4 and 5 are awarded a standard Gladiator title. Duelist is not earned in the conventional way, instead it is acquired by winning at least 70% of all duels with a minimum of 1000 duels played.

6)Are their any OP donor weapons?
To put it simply, No there are no Op donor weapons on A-T. Unlike most private realms that advertise “no Op donors” A-T actually backs up the claim. Donors can only get Wrathful sets instantly and since arena points are calculated everyday players don’t feel obligated to donate for better gear. We also want to make clear that the legendary weapons you see in the video such as Illidan weapons and Shadowmourne have the exact same stats and top damages as the wrathful Tier 1 weapons and the only way to obtain them is to reach 2.2k in any bracket.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have or feel we have not answered entirely in the comment section above.

Sincerely yours: Zoh and Kho.

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Limp Bizkit: My Way
Chevelle: Sleep Apnea
UKF Music Podcast #3 – Tommy Dub from Cue Recordings in the mix // UKF Music: (1:13:24) – Zoh Edit.
Current Value: Dark Rain
Celldweller: Eon
Unknown Error: Shadows (Unicorn Remix)
Divinyls: I Touch Myself


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