The Ashen Rose Conspiracy - Trailer by Tuskeh
Class: Mage | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : EU - Argent Dawn ( Bloodlust )
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Nearly a year after my first full-length mini-movie was released, and through several months of both real life and in-game problems, I finally present you with a trailer for something new:

The Ashen Rose Conspiracy.

Cataclysm really is a beautiful expansion, and it can be easy to forget that. The epic scope of the instances and great feel of the content is buried under layers of UI, addons, complaining and hotfixes. When it gets down to it, World of Warcraft is a truly beautiful game. The completed movie will demonstrate not only what World of Warcraft can do when filmed correctly, it will also provide an immersive, entertaining experience designed to show you just how epic boss fights can be.


- Epic music
- Fancy camera angles
- Use of the Warcraft Machinima Tool
- Film-like immersion and editing


- Lots of gameplay
- Pro skills
- Any User Interface elements at all
- New, hard content

Things are still deep in development, but hopefully the finished movie will be released before September.

The song used in the trailer is "Future World Music - Dream Chasers".

I use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit, and nothing else.

The Ashen Rose Conspiracy is a 10-man casual raiding guild on the EU server Argent Dawn. They have been a huge support whilst developing this movie and their friendly, casual nature is incredible. The completed movie will be dedicated primarily to them.

If you have any criticism or comments please leave them below or email me either here at Warcraft Movies or at [email protected]. Also, please rate this video so I can get a feel for people's opinions on it!

If you're interested in seeing me do more, PLEASE help spread the word of this upcoming mini-movie and help me get as many views as possible. The more attention these videos get, the more I'll dedicate my time to making them.

Finally, thank you very much for watching this trailer. If you're interested in any other movies I've made (old in comparison to this, but still there), feel free to view them:

The Closest Maloriak Kill Ever -

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