Braindeadly 3: 3k+ MMR Hunter Arena by Braindeadly
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Braindeadly's Arena Team 1
Bràindéadly Kishti Bladéy
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Braindeadly Athenéwinz Barburas
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Cataclysm PvP is a lot different compared to WotLK's so just watch out for the small things; I've included a summary below (Note: if it doesn't appear properly on WCM, go to the youtube summary)

NOTE: The only download option at the moment is the premium WCM mirrors, as far as I know every site only accepts files smaller than 1GB

Braindeadly 3 - 2700-3050 MMR opponents S10.

Highest rated reaching KFC in the world Season 10, peaking at a rating of 29XX with multiple top ranked warriors/healers; highest PvP achieving hunter for the last 5 seasons. I've put a lot of soul into making this video and fitting it all into place so please watch on 1080p or ORIGINAL quality on the Youtube stream. Download for highest quality, it was rendered in Ultra-High quality.

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- Variety of short and fast games
- 95% clips are high rated 3v3 arena
- Clips showing how important it is to not have gaps in CC against certain comps
- Variety of comps

I've tried to include more interesting clips in this movie than the last one, all the clips are taken from Season 10 on both Cyclone-EU and Rampage-EU with Athenewins, Niksi, Barburas, Bladey, Kishti & Trolltoe

Me, Bladey and Trolltoe achieved 2900+ as KFC (shaman version) with a win/loss of roughly 45-8 early season10
Me, Barburas and Niksi had a rating of roughly 2860 with a win/loss of 34-1. We recently remade the teams for the lols

1) Medison feat. Skrein - Harry (Bare Noize Remix)
(Metal Edit) - DJ Ephixa
2) Indoctrinated - DJ Nate
3) Work at Night - Professor Kliq
4) Last Words -XKore
5) Windmill Song - DJ Ephixa

Special thanks to Athene for promoting my channel, to Totemtoe for the AE artwork & to all the music artists above for the awesome music

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