Kosticka, The Sword and Board by Kosticka
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Kosticka's Arena Team 1
Kelluthien Kosticka
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Kosticka's Arena Team 2
Gleen Mekon Kosticka
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EDITED 7.11.2017 - I would like to mention here, that I am about to start streaming in english, even though it is not going to be WoW, but mostly League of Legends. In case, that you would like to support me there, I would really appreciate it!!


At first: All legendary weapons that you can see in video are normal WF T1 weapons with skin of these weapons.
My 2v2 resilience - 46. (offensive ArP/crit PvE gear)
My 3v3 resilience - 500.

Generally, i guess that almost everyone already know Arena Tournament so i hope u'll not downrate this video only because of older content.

Before you post anything about bugged damage, etc... check game mechanics first, thx...

I made this video after almost 2 months break, when i didn't play WoW and now i started to play again. I did these arenas in first 2 weeks of playing so i know that sometimes there are situations where i can do something better, but its only about longer practice.

This video doesn't have any extra effects, because im not so cool movie maker and in addition i had a lot of technical problems with Fraps and Sony Vegas so im really happy that i was able to do this.
Many people are using "subtitles" in their movies where they can explain what are they actually doing and i can understand that for some people it can help, but actually i don't like that in movie because then people are more watching subtitles than movie itself so i made there some explanations only for some situations that aren't visible well, but im not gonna write there each focus bash or charge. In addition i wrote some tactics for 2v2 bracket for people that are trying to play that comp and they actually don't know how to beat some comp, but i didn't write there for 3v3 bracket because tactics there aren't simple - usually ur switching and its not about killing of one target. It just depends on situation who will you go for.
And about 3v3 - I know that it's better to have Skype conversation included, but i wasn't able to set it to be able to hear all players in Frapsed video.

Plate Buffs 1.4.0
Interrupt Bar
Nice Damage

Edguy - Tears of Mandrake
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Zebrahead - Hell Yeah
Offspring - Half-Truism
DJ Nate - Tears In My Eyes
Sonic Syndicate - Turn It Up
Pirates of the Caribbean - Up is Down
Edguy - Down to the Devil
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