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This is a parody of an Ensidia promo clip I made for Login2Life. The director wanted my vision of what is a #1 World of Warcraft guild, I hope they'll not be too mad at me. ^^

Login 2 Life is a feature length documentary that portrays people who have found an alternate home in an online world. This is the starting point of a journey into fascinating virtual realities, meeting diverse human beings in different parts of the world who have one thing in common � they are using virtual worlds as an extension of their real lives. Many people from the World of Warcraft community were interviewed in real life for this movie, the famous Kungen, Miko a Chinese farmer, Corey a very special player, and even a crazy gnome with a purple turban.

Featuring more than 18 minutes of unreleased WoW machinimas by Baron Soosdon, Kilh and myself.

Premiere on German TV, ZDF 17th of October 2011, midnight CEST.

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Credits :
Voice and Sounddesign by Caruu
Music by Cirkle
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