Days of Old Relived: 60 PvP by Rayck
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Al'Akir ( Blackout )
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This video is about 2 months old and was released mainly for the feenix WoW community. I'm posting it here now in hopes to promote it and increase the server population of Al"Akir Instant 60 server. Below is a copied description from youtube. I encourage any of you Authors or just regular WCM Visitors to come join me on the instant 60 server (Alliance, horde overpopulated) for some old fashioned pvp or pve.

Rogue battleground pvp.
capturing flags, defending AB,carrying, being useful.
I planned on just scrapping the whole thing since this isn't quite what I had in mind.
I wanted to get world pvp, but there are just not enough people on the server for me to really get any interesting footage outside of BGs.

So, you can expect short, random pvp scenes showing how useful a rogue can be in the BGs. There isn't a LOT I can show that hasn't been seen already so it isn't a very long video.
After that there is a LONG ret paladin duel, followed by a serious rogue duel, 4 hunters vs 20 man Horde raid, and then more BG stuff.
This video is just for entertainment, I make mistakes and my playing is not perfect 100% of the time, so don't over analyze it or take it to seriously.

Song List:
1. Ip Man OST- Insolence
2. Silent Hill OST- She
3. Royal Bliss- Here They Come
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