A Warden's Demise by Karash
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This is my german dubbed movie "Das Sterben der Wächterin", now with english subtitles!

"Finally my long hunt is over..."

"A Warden's Demise" is my second WoW-Machinima about the nightelf warden Maiev Shadowsong. It is basically an alternative continuation for the story of Maiev, who some player should still remember from "Warcraft 3:The Frozen Throne" and "World of Warcraft:The Burning Crusade". I'm deviating from the original story starting on top of the Black Temple, where after ten thousand years, Maiev finally gets her revenge on Illidan, only to realize, how little fulfillment this revenge brings her.
In my version of her story from then on, Maiev goes to Northrend joining the fight against the Lich King. There, Maiev is not only confronted with the wild beasts of the northern wastelands, but also with a nightelf society, that is undergoing a radical change after ten thousand years of isolation from the rest of the world. Her personal conflicts with the high priestess Tyrande Whisperwind and the human highlord Bolvar Fordragon are threatening not only her own mission,but also the unity of the Alliance in the war effort against the undead threat.

Maiev Shadowsong - Tabitha Hammer
Illidan Stormrage - Marc Schülert
Lich King - David Riedel
Naisha - Anke Bullemer
Tyrande Whisperwind - Mica Wanner
Nedara - Sabine Graf
Alessia Everleaf - Irina Babka
Velana IEverleaf - Frauke Hemmelmann
Akama - Carsten Richter (Varath)
Druid - Frederic Birger-Lau (Brokknar)
Kalu'ak - Daniel Grimm
Blauer Großdrache - Karash
Halford Wyrmbane - Bastian von Daake
Lynore Windstryke - Stefanie Puke
Bolvar Fordragon - Robert Kerick
Commander Marjhan - Zündy&Zora
Orc - Crade
Elves - Mica Wanner, Jessica von Haeseler, Janine Koch

Special Thanks to:

"Elizabeth: The Golden Age - Score" - Elizabeth:The Golden Age OST
"Song of Elune" - World of Warcraft OST
"Killing the Fissure" - Alone in the Dark 5 OST
"Edward Carnby" - Alone in the Dark 5 OST
"Who am I?" - Alone in the Dark 5 OST
"Shorel'Aran" - World of Warcraft OST
"Sleep Song" - Secret Garden

All other songs are part of the World of Warcraft soundtrack. All rights to these songs as well as all used imagery are property of Blizzard Entertainment.
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