Blizzia - LSP vs RLS: A random short! by Blizzia
Class: Shaman | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server Europe
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Blizzia's Arena Team 1
Awwfkncute Mischterfox Jonesindiana
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Hello, everyone.

I basically uploaded this to to announce, that my new youtube channel will be uploading 2v2 and 3v3 footage weekly with matches ranging from 1500 to 2400 mmr. We will be showcasing various comps and classes, featuring both unknown and known players, and singing songs and making mash-ups for you guys. Whether you want to watch / follow us is your own choice, but you should check it out sometime. We have just started out, so everything is still basic, with a few random matches uploaded to test out my 1920x1080 quality (will be going for the WCM stream with movies for better quality.)

- This match is not a skill show. If you watch it, you'll know :P
- If you want to hate on people trying to make their new project known, don't rate this, just leave.
- Yes, the rogue has undoubtedly developed some kind of disease that causes brainlagz.
- Flaming will probably not even be noticed. :P


We are in dire need of a logo, even though we just started out, we would really like to have one. Both Mischterfox and I are terrible at that stuff, so if anyone wants to help us out, we would greatly appreciate it.

Team MischterandBliz consists of two core members with a lot of other players being featured. Mischterfox plays the warlock and mage in most of our clips that will be released, while I, Blizzia, play shaman, mage, rogue and priest in most of them. You can request specific matches and comps vs other comps in our channel, and we will try our best to give you a shot of awesome. Our primary 3v3 partner is Awwfkncute, which you will hear a lot about later on. He plays a paladin (yeah lol).

Link to Youtube channel:

Please contact us on this email, should we require your assistances / should you have a question: [email protected]

Regards, Blizzia.
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