8/8 DS Hunter World PVP (Sequal to DK video) by Satsloader
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : US - Shattered Hand ( Ruin )
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Movie Summary
Previously Satsloader challenged the Honor System with intent to Promote World PVP.

8/8 DS Hunter DK PVP Video The Grind

Unable to wait for Blizzard's empty promises to improve World PVP, Satsloader pushes to make his own improvements.

Contains scenes at Tarren Mill, Orgrimmar, BRM, Blasted Lands, and some random locations.

Don't bother watching this if you're looking for 1v1's or any amazing display of skill. This is me, and a group of people anywhere from 3-15 running around different locations looking for World PVP. Sometimes we're outnumbered, sometimes it's a zergfest.

This video will show you that World PVP is out there, and can not only be fun, but humorous as well. World PVP is dead. World PVP is what you make it! Don't wait for Blizzard, motivate yourself to bring World PVP back to YOUR server!

This is my World PVP, watch this and go create your own!

Rob Zombie - Superbeast
The Happy Boys - Operation Blade
Star Wars Sound Track - Title
Star Wars Sound Track - The Imperial March
MC Mario - Red Life
Da Rude - Sandstorm (JS 16 mix)
Benny Benassi - Satisfaction

Thanks for watching!

I apologize for Filefront being the only location for Hight quality of this video. Google destroyed the quality to the point you can barely even see what classes I am fighting. Youtube wouldn't accept because the runtime was too long. If you have suggestions for other locations I assure you I will attempt to upload update the Mirrors.

Satsloader Productions:
*World PVP part 1 (Orgrimmar Takeover)
*World PVP part 2.
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