Shadow Hunter 2v2 Priest PoV by Nearr
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Shattered Hand ( Cyclone )
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Nearr's Arena Team 1
Zlox Nearr
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So, my dear hunter partner in crime uploaded a 2v2 of our Shadowpriest Hunter arena games ( that was well recieved, so I decided to upload some more material of our games from my PoV on demand and to get some space on my harddrive, the movie is 18.45 long, and yes I am well aware of how fekking awesome the hunter is, too bad that I didnt have any clips of his darker moments where I have to carry him instead ;)

It isnt great or anything special in anyway, and you will probably see some mistakes which is quite common considering that we dont you any voice communication whatsoever, and/or perhaps you arent a fan of my style of playing, but we did well and had fun :)

The movie has no editing, I just threw the clips into vegas and slapped on some music and rendered it. I use the kind of music that I myself like to play to and am pretty sure that some people will complain about the music but put on your own if you dont like it :)

Misfits - 1.000.000 Years B.C
Misfits - Descending Angel
Misfits - Scream
Misfits - From Hell They Came
Misfits - Dont Open 'til Doomsday
Misfits - Monster Mash
Korn & Skrillex - Narcissistic Cannibal
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