Maimed playing wow by Charango
Class: Hunter | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Próximamente ( Pixel )
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Charango's Arena Team 1
Berrako Corsipala
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This is a video where i�m doing arenas. I know that the oponents aren�t so good, but this is the first video i coordinated and i upload it because i thought that can be interesting to look a person with problems who can play wow like the others.

This explanation is for the people with curious about how i binded my keyboard.

I got binded from 1 to the key next to recoil, from Esc to F12. The habilities from 1 to the key next to recoil are attacks, Bites and some more, i got it grouped by kind of hability, bites together, So they are next , my invalid hand knows "more or less" the fisic localization of the keys. The keys like F are grouped in 4 , so i know where are any hability. I got aspects en the keys of words so i sought to put them separate for dont use the aspect who i dont want. I have also a program who asigns keys from the numeric keyboard to the multimedia of the keyboard, so i can bind "Esc" and put "Esc" in a not so big key and not so accesible for me, i take too the cooldown and the light of the hability who have like bind the key im pushing, doing this i know what hability im using, and change it if i dont want, i move with the mouse, But this is a big story and i�ll tell you it another day
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