Valacar 4 - Total Annihilation - High Warlord Death Knight PvP by mbXtreme
Class: Death Knight | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Nathrezim ( Blutdurst )
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First of all i want to thank everyone who helped me completing this video!
The Video itself took me about 100+ Hours to create! There has been alot of work so i would really appreciate it, if you leave me a comment and/or a rating!

A special THANKS to Kill Robot Kill & In this chest for the awesome music!

Please support our local bands:

Kill Robot Kill

In This Chest

Also a big THANKS to following Players:

Fattmcdirty, Muffo, Drćsch, Zádkiel, Lügfix, Chélsea, Razortwo, Noesian, Texxi, Drushnak, Sérious

*** Armory ***

*** Interface ***

mbXtremeUI 3

Download at:

*** AddOns ***

Bagnon, Bartender4, Basic, Minimap, CooldownCount, Deady Boss Mods, Error Monster, ForteXorcist, Gladius, Grid, kgPanels, Masque, MoveAnything, MikScrollingBattleText, NiceDamage, Omen Threat Meter, PitBull Unit Frames, Prat, Quartz, Recount, Reflux, ReforgeLite, SafeQueue, TidyPlates, TipTac, TitanPanel, WoW Instant Messenger

*** Songs ***

Fresho - This is War
WCM - Beatburger - Dead and gone
Menu - AMAZE - Wunschkonzert
Kill Robot Kill - An Artwork Called Murder
In this Chest - Never give up
In this Chest - I can't let you go

Outro - NecoRbeatz - Krampfhafte Liebe

*** Software ***

Adobe AfterEffects CS5
Adobe PremierePro CS5
Adobe Photoshop CS5

Thanks for Watching!

Don't forget to Thumbs UP, Comment & Subscribe!
I would really appreciate it!
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