Koshi Beta build 15689 PVP test by Koshi (Sakuzyo)
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Frostmourne ( Bloodlust )
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Exactly what the title says, getting a new feel for Rogue PVP in the upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria. So far, it feels a lot more skill-based and less button mashing, in saying so because of the loss of certain abilties, or the combination of them (IE Prep and Shadow Step) It also feels like I'm all over my keyboard more because of having to keep up Recuperate, Feint, SnD, and Rupture (Sang veins no longer applies to hemo DoT.) Its also probably a decent note that Hemo's damage has been nerfed significantly so its damage is not anywhere as close to backstabs damage, as it is on live. Overall, the spec itself plays about the same, but its forced more defensive (Keeping up Recup, Feint Spamming *Talented and keeping up recuperate *even though it no longer gives energy back per tic. for survivability) Its also good to note that Combat Readiness no longer puts Cloak of Shadows on Cooldown so it is a high value choice to use it in almost all situations. (Even sometimes I forgot it didnt put cloak on CD :S)

As for Assassination, This spec on the Beta is currently a bit too much because of the rescale on all Cataclysmic PVP Gear*. On the current build for leather and possibly others, most pieces add Mastery as well as their current live stats, thus allowing me to reach around 75%~ increased poison damage via mastery. The power of the spec currently no longer lies in Envenom, but in Rupture DoT Tick, Venomous Wounds and Deadly Poison ticks :S

I'll probably release other short Beta PVP clips as more builds get deployed and more class-tweaking is done, Its still obvious that its not close to being complete.

*- All Cataclysmic non-weapons are being rescaled to Ilvl 390 to fit the new system that Blizzard wants PVP gear to be lower Ilvl than the PVE gear. Currently Cataclysmic Weapons dont add any PVP Power and are Ilvl 384 which makes them extremely weak compared to any Dragon soul weapons. The On-use PVP trinkets (Cataclysmic Badge of Conquest etc.) will now have Passive Agility/Str/Int on them to help them become more appealing VS PVE trinkets. Also, The PVP Trinkets (Cataclysmic Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity etc.) Will now add offensive stats on top of their PVP Power and PVP Resilience to make the human racial less (Game breaking?) or less mandatory for success (Not even true in most cases) But Most likely to lessen the power of using 2x PVE Trinkets or 1 on use + 1 PVE Trinket (Vial + Badge of Conquest etc.)

As for the new PVP Power Stat, its still currently in a weak stage as it only applies to BG's and Arena (Which isnt too much of a problem while inside either) But on the same note it also discourages Healers in World PVP as we'll most likely start to see it play a role in PVP damage/Healing balance. For example: Inside a BG a priest heals his partner for 20,000, In the World the Priest heals his partner for 15,000. Obviously its not a huge change in that example but thats how it will work for the most part. PVP Power won't only effect PVP healing, it will also effect PVP Damage (damage dealt to other players) in essence this stat almost negates a players resilience (All players have a base resil of 30% with extra added by gear) allowing DPS to deal slightly less damage to non-PVP geared players (allowing them to have a chance in entry PVP IE Random BGs) and deal closer to normal damage against PVP geared players.
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