Rogue Solo Emerald Nightmare: Cenarius by Koshi (Sakuzyo)
Class: Rogue | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Mal'Ganis ( Stormstrike )
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Movie Summary
Item level: 943
Legendaries: Will of Valeera/Mantle of the Master Assassin
Artifact Traits - 69 Secure in the Light/Chaotic Darkness/Torment of the Weak
Tier: T20 (2set)+T21 (2set)
Last Remote - Melodic Taste

Probably the hardest boss in Emerald Nightmare for Rogue to solo because a core aspect of the fight requires you to slow or even stop doing damage which means leech isnt doing anything (which is why I used Prydaz for over 80% of my pulls).

Once phase 2 begins it is a DPS race. The Spear of Nightmares does very high damage and with each successive hit it deals an additional 100% damage. Make sure to have the Elusiveness talent and that you feint any time this cast is going off to reduce the damage by 30%. The idea in this phase is to always be topped up so use Feint/Crimson vial as soon as they are needed, additionally you can use Cloak of Shadows while standing in the ground effect to trigger Ghost in the Shell healing.
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