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Movie Summary
Warning: This movie contains excessive zooming and shaking abuse. We are not liable for sudden cases of motion sickness which may result in viewers vomiting over their keyboards and making retarded comments. However, if you happen to be an infant suffering from SIDS you may be entitled to compensation.

Disclaimer: This movie is made for entertainment purposes only. I do not claim to possess god-like skills in this god-forsaken game, especially since I haven't played in such a long time. My gameplay is not perfect, which is apparent in some clips.

Editor's Note: Evolas strongly urges viewers to download the video from the appropriate mirror for the best movie experience. We have noted that some edits may appear to be out of sync when streaming via WCM or YouTube.

Played by Anarchies.
Edited by Evolas.

Oceana - The Constrictor
The Word Alive - Bar Fight
The Unguided - Phoenix Down (Zardonic Remix)
TranceCrafter - Chaoz Fantasy Remix

This is a BG/World PvP video only. No arena.

A big thanks goes out to SON OF THOR (Nick). Without his aid in providing an account to play and film on, this movie would not have been possible.

Special thanks goes out to SE of for doing the banner & WCM artwork.

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