JackThe7th- IvM in Ahn' Qiraj Full by Jackthe7th
Class: Warlock | Category: Dungeons / PvE | Server : US - Llane ( Vindication )
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JackThe7thís Invictus Maneo in Ahn' Qiraj

Invictus Maneo of Llane is an alliance guild who got the server first CíThun kill. A lot of hard work was put into AQ for IvM, and this is part of it. JackThe7th Presents Invictus Maneo in the Temple of Ahn' Qiraj

Over one month and 60 hours of work went into the filming, editing, and rendering to get this movie complete. It almost destroyed my video card when it continually overheated while rendering this video (which took 7 hours to render from start to finish, which I did 3 times to get rid of all the mistakes). This movie was created using Sony Vegas 6.0d and Fraps 2.7. It is AQ FULL fron 1st boss to Cthun, excluding Viscidious and Ouro. I believe this is the first full length pve movie that includes Cthun and all the other required bosses (plus the royal family and huhuran)

Voice overs were done by Ramblerbb of Burning Blade, thanks again rambler.

Be sure to visit my website, jackthe7th.gnom3rcy.net, and IvMís website, www.invictus-maneo.com

Every single members name at the time of the Cíthun kill was added to the credits. This movie is dedicated to those people who worked so hard to make all of this happen. Together I am sure they will tackle Naxxaramis to its ends and be just as successful as they were in AQ.

The Quality is very high, unless you chose a streaming service (Which I do not recommend). I highly suggest seeing this in full screen with the volume blearing.



P.S.- I can't believe after all that work I spelled Ahn' Qiraj wrong in my movie. I am the worst speller to ever live... Quiraj should be how its spelled i swear...

P.S 2 - This movie is NOT a rip off of Nihiliums movie.
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