Imminent Tomb D/C vs Eat Nerds Get Bird | European WoW Invitational 2012 by Molocai
Class: Unknown | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Molocai's Arena Team 1
Braindeadly Barb Glyptic
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Molocai's Arena Team 2
Jimos Colarn Dreamz
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Games were taken from the European WoW Invitational 2012. Casting by Azael and Conradical.
Laggy footage comes from the stream which was actually laggy, couldn't do anything about that. Fortunatly it's not too annoying.


Imminent Tomb D/C
Barb (Warrior), Braindeadly (Hunter), Glyptic (Shaman)

Eat Nerds Get Bird
Jimos (Paladin), Dreamz (Shaman), Colarn (Warrior)

You can check the rest of the tournament on this playlist:
European WoW Invitational 2012
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