Morningstar Episode 4 by Xephir Productions
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Following through on the zeppelin traveling offer, Scynne and Adelei meet up with the husband-and-wife goblin team, who travel around Azeroth buying items adventurers don't want anymore. Their first stop is Orgrimmar -- a busy and intimidating city with some interesting characters. While the two talk over lunch, someone else nearby seems very interested in their quest to find members still in the Argent Crusade.

Meanwhile, the human, her gryphon, and her draenei companion have made it to Northrend and are getting closer to rescuing their captured family members. But just before they can stop for some much-needed rest, they run into some troubles... with a very upset blue dragon.

Finally, the apothecaries are dutifully following Sylvanas's orders and scrying on the traveling elf and forsaken. However, what Maia assumes will be a rather droll task takes a very interesting -- if not dangerous -- turn.

Songs used (in order):

Kaskade & Dada Life w/ Dan Black - ICE
Nicki Minaj - Muny
Hecq - Sura
Hans Zimmer - Is it Poison, Nanny? (Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack)
Nomy - 8-Bit Hero (Radio Edit)
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