Feel the fury 3.5 by Plumka
Class: Warrior | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sunstrider ( Blackout )
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lolz another feel the fury movie :P

Once again, this is a level 85 fury warrior PvP movie made for funz and entertainment!

Sooo yeah, the movie takes place in 4.3 Cata. I am a bit late, I know this, much sorry for that,. I just haven't had much time for WoW due to all kinds of irl stuff. So I call it 3.5 because I didn't spend enough time on the movie (ya know, getting good footage, some awesome editing and stuff like that).

Anywaaayz, what to expect:

- 1vX with a fury warrior POV.
- BG's and 1 world pvp scene :P
- Mistakes n stuff!
- lolz I guess
- lots of rock!

Enjoyz0r :)

Oh yes, I am currently leveling in MoP, pretty fun stuff :P

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