Destram - Project Feenix by Cadaveri
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Warsong ( Blackout )
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Destram - Project Feenix


Filmed on Feenix (


My Youtube:


CAUTION: This video is not supposed to show any pinnacle of skill or somewhat anything like that...

It's mainly made for that good ol' nostalgic feeling. So Enjoy, lvl 60 at its finest! :)


First of all I want to say that the video was supposed to be alot longer, but however my HDD decided to start lagging when I record with fraps. I'll be getting one of those SSD hardrives in the future, so dont expect this movie to be the last one from me!

Original idea was to duel one of the best players of each class, however thats going to have to be put in to future plans(due to hard drive problem)

I'd like to thank Feenix crew( for making all this possible and hosting this amazing server for everyone to enjoy.

Also big thanks to:

It Us Raptor -guild (without these guys, I would propably still wearing blues!)

Kaamos -guild

Filmed on: Feenix (

Rendered: 9/11/2012

Codec: WMV

Resolution: 1920x1080



Rammstein - Mein Land

Sybreed - Doomsday Party (alternative track, youtube)

Raunchy - Somebodys Watching Me

Element Eighty - Broken Promises

Violent Work Of Art - Wars To Win And Wars To Lose

Korn - Narcissistic Cannibal

A Perfect Circle - The Noose (alternative track, youtube)



Thanks for watching!

And please do check if your interested of re-living or experiencing vanilla-wow for the first time!


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