88-90 in 4HOURS! Walkthrough by Averium
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Hey everyone first vid I just came back to wow and when I saw this I decided I would show everyone. Some people might know it some people might not. But anyways if you have any questions feel free to message me here or on youtube. I am working on some pvp and arena footage as we speak.
1. Get the quest up in flames from Taran Zhu
2. Complete the quest Up in flames
3. Once you complete the quest you will kill the NPCs named Kor'think Timberhusk
they will be by the bridge type thing. They have dbuffs on them that decrease damage by 80 and yes you can Spellsteal the buffs. Once you kill one another will spawn right away. So just keep killing and big grps will spawn.
4. Just keep doing this over and over and over and use guild standards.
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