Swonkey lvl 89 WW PvP by Swonkey
Class: Monk | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Thunderhorn ( Cyclone )
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Yes, I DO use buffs, buffs is gud. I was planning to make a long: 10-minute video, but decided to divide it a bit. Next parts will be: more 89 PvP, duels, gank/fun. The amount of movies is limited because BG exp is going to ding me 90 in a day or so. After I ding, will need a couple of days to gear up and I'll be back. Comment, ask(I'll reply) and give me any ideas if you want to see or you don't want to see anything in the next montage. Laters.
( I do NOT own the music: Blue Stahli - Shotgun Senorita )
RATE please, make complaints, I'll take them into account while making next videos!

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