Esephix- Tigereye brew addon by Esephix
Class: Monk | Category: PvP | Server : US - Darkspear ( Cyclone )
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Movie Summary
Playing as a Windwalker monk just got a lot easier. I have made a simple easy to use power aura notification for Windwalker monks in patch 5.1 showcasing Tiger eye brew management!

Esephix- Darkspear Alliance

Power Aura's in MoP unofficial Patch:

Esephix's Set:

Set=Page 1@
Aura[1]=Version:4.23.11; off:true; size:0.75; texmode:2@
Aura[2]=Version:4.23.11; b:0.1922; icon:spell_brew_dark; buffname:Tigereye brew; r:0.1333; begin:1; stacks:5; texture:4; multiids:Tigereye Brew; size:1.73; texmode:1; finish:4@
Aura[3]=Version:4.23.11; b:0; g:0.8667; icon:ability_monk_palmstrike; buffname:Tiger Palm; r:0.9451; texture:22; multiids:Tiger Palm; off:true; size:0.75@
Aura[4]=Version:4.23.11; texture:46; off:true; size:0.75@
Aura[5]=Version:4.23.11; b:0.1843; icon:spell_brew_dark; buffname:Tigereye Brew; r:0.2353; stacks:1; texture:89; multiids:Tigereye Brew; off:true; size:0.75; texmode:1@
Aura[6]=Version:4.23.11; b:0.0784; icon:spell_brew_dark; buffname:Tigereye Brew; r:0; stacks:2; texture:90; multiids:Tigereye Brew; off:true; texmode:1@
Aura[7]=Version:4.23.11; b:0.2; icon:spell_brew_dark; buffname:Tigereye Brew; r:0; stacks:3; texture:91; multiids:Tigereye Brew; off:true@
Aura[8]=Version:4.23.11; b:0.1647; icon:spell_brew_dark; buffname:Tigereye Brew; r:0; stacks:5; texture:93; multiids:Tigereye Brew; exact:true; off:true@
Aura[9]=Version:4.23.11; b:0.1451; icon:spell_brew_dark; buffname:Tigereye Brew; r:0; begin:3; stacks:5; texture:94; multiids:Tigereye Brew; exact:true; off:true; finish:5@
Aura[10]=Version:4.23.11; b:0.0902; icon:spell_brew_dark; buffname:Tigereye Brew; r:0.1098; begin:1; stacks:10; texture:100; multiids:Tigereye Brew; size:0.75; finish:3@
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