[WOW Music] Haunted by skampi835
Class: Hunter | Category: Machinima | Server : EU - Die Aldor ( Sturmangriff )
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Characters showed:
(Die Aldor - EU)
Riwena - Female Worgen
Dreorwyn: Male Worgen in red armor
Mo�: Male Worgen in blue armor

Programms used:
Fraps (recording Programm)
Sony Vegas (testversion)
World of Warcraft (Game)
100% no Modelviewer
Music from: Taylor Swift - Haunted

World of Warcraft belongs to Blizzard Entertainments.
The Song belongs to Taylor Swift and the UMG.
I don't own anything of them.

Hey Guys!
First I'd like to say that the fucking credits hung my Computer up... every fucking time! But I couldn't delete then either... so the half is black... Please don't hit me ._.
I did a competition with the coice of for what song will I do a video next? Well this one didn't win, but the person who's playing part in the winners song didn't seem to be in the good mood, so I did the secound winners video first. :)

Well... I've enjoying to work with Riwena as model for this video. She did a geat job the time I was recording! Thank you Riwena. Without you this video might probably suck! xD
Also thanks at Mo� who fits in the role of the "he" in the song. He just went online when I shoudet at him. xD

Your Skampi
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