"VS" - Anarchies v. Evolas by Evolas
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Movie Summary
This video was meant to entertain you. Showing "skill" is not my concern when making videos; rather it is to edit a work of art.

Played by: Anarchies
Edited by: Evolas

This was a short video I decided to put together consisting of duels that Anarchies and I did on Axium-WoW. I'd like to thank Axium-WoW's staff for aiding us in filming these duels in a timely fashion.

About the editing: If you've ever watched my videos, you know that I edit clips aggressively - meaning lots and lots of zooming and shaking. It is my editing style and I stick by it. If you don't like my editing style then this video is not for you. These clips have been sitting on my HDD for a couple of months and it has taken me a while to find a suitable song that I thought "flowed" well with the clips as well as complemented my editing style. Anyone who knows me knows that I care about syncing game footage with the selected music - which I find quite challenging and entertaining.

If you wish to see a couple of "test renders" that I was working on when trying to edit to different songs, you can find them on YouTube. I'm not going to post my channel here because I don't want subscribers...just letting you know that they're there if you are interested enough to search for them.

Enjoy the video!

Song used: Crossfaith - "Photosphere"
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