AT RMP/PR/RM vs GODCOMPS ft Shisai Trainwreck Mito 2600+ by Shisaix
Class: Priest | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Stormscale ( Cyclone )
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Shisaix's Arena Team 1
Shisai Extinct
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Shisaix's Arena Team 2
Trainwreckx Shisaix Mito
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Shisaix's Arena Team 3
Trainwreckx Shisai
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This started as a priest only pov movie (2s/3s), but i wasn't getting enough clips due to forgetting to fraps and not bothering in 3s, however this movie acts as a end of season clip montage of mage pov recorded on 2nd last day of season vs the highest and best comps we faced on ladder.

RMP vs GODCOMPS 2 will be much better produced and include triple pov of 3s games, so look out for that in the coming AT season.

A link to my priest rmp pov guide

(one clip seems to have blacked out in rendering, ill upload it separately)

Mistis - Deliverance
Ratatat - Drugs
Droideka - Get Hyper
Mirage- Armin Van Buuren
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