Bonefire 4 World PVP by Bonefire
Class: Warlock | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Sylvanas ( Rampage )
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So this is a reupload with minor changes. Youtube Mirror is up if you want 1080p HD.

I won't try to carry myself by overediting. You can actually see what is going on in this movie unlike so many other pvp movies these days. I am not going to hold your hand through the movie highlighting every single thing either."Show don't tell" if you will.

Turn up the audio. Sit back and relax. Here is Bonefire 4.

I do not own any of the music and all credits goes to the artists yada yada. A 100% world pvp movie. Everything is recorded from the mop prepatch to 5.1.4. . Edited, recorded and played by Bonefire Sylvanas EU.
I just want to add that I read all the comments and ratings on the old upload and it was some of them that opened my eyes a bit and made me want to continue to create more. Thanks guys.

Why no arena? Well because of my router issue I have had since wotlk and due to my economy and my living conditions I have not been able to change it. It is completly random but I got a big chance of getting stuck in the loading screen. This may happen 3 loading screens in a row making getting any decent arena rating or RBG rating impossible. Sure I can get my weekly cap (not the rbg cap) but it just gets frustrating when having to deal with 1-4 dcs in a row. And yes I do get a loss each time I get stuck in loading screen.

Music(in order)
Demon hunter - God Forsaken.
Raunchy - Somebody's watching me.
Fear of domination - Fear of domination.
Turmion k�til�t - U.S.C.H!
Nine inch nails - Every day is exactly the same.

I don't want to be carried by a name. And judge the movie. Not the game.

Credits to Semideus Sylvanas EU for recording some parts of the duel.

Trivia: Been playing this game since vanilla. I played from vanilla to TBC in the form of a shadowpriest. In wotlk I slowly changed main over to destruction warlock. And I was the most active with destruction warlock in Cataclysm where I had to adapt to the high casting with low dmg and good CC playstyle. I find it ironic that people want to close themselves in a small room with private healers and fight rather than go out and embrace this online world.

Update(2013-18.14): Arena dc problem resolved. Expect footage.
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