World of Warcraft : MoP - Beast Mastery Hunter PvE Guide 5.1/5.2 by GamingwithDDP
Class: Hunter | Category: How To/Guides | Server : EU - Outland ( Misery )
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Wow : MoP - Beast Mastery Hunter Guide supporting 5.1/5.2

Sup guys and girls this will be a video of me showing you a guide for the BM Hunter. I will be covering the talents choices, Glyph's, Reforging and the rotation.

This is the rotation you should use whilst starting/bursting as a BM Hunter:

Cobra Shot, Serpant Sting, Glave Toss, Stampede, Dire Beast, Rapid fire+potions+trinkets etc, Beastial Wrath, Kill Command, Lynx Rush, Arcane Shot spamming until you have Kill Command back up, Kill command, Readiness, Kill Command, Glave Toss, Arcane Shot until Serpant Sting is about to run out (1second or so) Serpant Sting, Arcane Shot until Beastial Wrath is gone, Dire Beast, Beastial Wrath, Kill Command, Cobra Shot to maintain second Serpant Sting use, Arcane Shot spamming until Lynx Rush is about to run out, Lynx Rush, Rapid Fire, keep Kill Command and Glave Toss on cooldown, use cobra shot for focus gain after burst and to sustain Serpant Sting. Use Focus Fire on 5 stacks and try to use Dire Beast and Beastial Wrath together for max Damage!

I know this all sounds hard but once you pick it up it will come natural to you and you will be topping those meters in no time:D

Please if you have enjoyed this video drop me a comment, like and subscribe to my channel for future uploads on great PvE and PvP content PEACE!
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