Geneticlol 10 - Rogue/Enhancement by Geneticlol
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : EU - Test Server EU (PvP)
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Geneticlol's Arena Team 1
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All the footage from this video is from AT 3.3.5. The movie contains ~11 minutes of Enhancement/Rogue 2v2 with very delicate and subtle editing, and nearly no color correction. Please watch the movie whole arena sequence before criticizing, for I have intentionally chosen to leave some of the best clips till the end. So like Zamoun said (quote from his second movie) " gets better every minute." Feel free to skip the outro, since it was mostly made as a tribute for my friends (although it does contain some nice footage).

I haven't seen a lot of Mutilate/Enhancement being played on AT and I believe that, correct me if I'm wrong, I have obtained the highest rating any Mutilate/Enhancement on AT ever has (~2600), so I thought I'd make a video which would give the viewers a general idea of how this combo is played. Skype wasn't used in any of the games displayed.

Upon watching this video, one might feel inclined to believe that this combo is extremely faceroll, and that the key to victory is just spamming unhealable damage on a set target. Whilst this argument might hold water on lower rating, I can tell you with certainty that this couldn't be further away from the truth when facing experienced opponents. Good teams will find countless ways to counter you, which forces one to make quick decisions. The key to victory with this combo is often improvisation, and smart, radical actions. The ladders speak for themselves. Which combos excel, and which don't is blatant when looking at the 2v2 ladder. That being said, it's very rare to see a Enhancement/Rogue team in the top 100's in the 2v2 bracket. If there are still some skeptics out there, I'd advise you to try playing this combo, and you'll probably find that it isn't as easy as you thought.

Keep in mind that some of the used tactics might be "effective, but not optimal", since most of these tactics are self-developed. Bear also in mind that some teams may play in a rather awkward fashion, due to not having faced our combo before.

Software used:
-After Effects CS6

Tracklist (in order of appearance) :
-Gaia - Tuvan (Original Mix)
-Dash Berlin - Man On The Run
-Death Cab for Cutie - Grapevine Fires

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment down below, or send me a PM. Also feel free to follow subscribe to my youtube channel, and follow my Instagram @eliaseerola

--Please rate and Support this movie. Also feel free to give it a skillpoint if you think I deserved it, It would mean a lot to me :)--

Thanks for watching.

*Edit: I regret to inform that the Youtube-stream seems to be blocked in Germany, so if you happen to live in Germany you'll have to use the slightly-compressed WCM-stream, or use the following URL to download the video from Youtube (The 720p download takes about 5minutes, and has the same quality as the full-HD Youtube-stream). For the download, don't change anything under the "Valitse muoto" (It's just the format options), choose 720p, and click "LATAA".

The download link for German people:
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