Why Do Leaves Fall - Pandaren Song by Homeworld Pictures
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Movie Summary
Videoclip to our song "Why Do Leaves Fall".
It's about journey that Demon Hunter has to make in order to stop living life filled only with hatred and vengeance and achieve peace and harmony. Will legendary pandaren Chen Stormstout be able to help her?

Chen Stormstout -- Marek Walczyk - www.facebook.com/RealLifeRaid
Pandaren Priest Mei -- Aleksandra Wysocka
Demon Hunter -- Jagoda Adamiec - www.facebook.com/OthienCosplay

Directing/Camera/Editing/Special Effects (Wire removal/Coloring) -- Marek Walczyk
Camera/Fight Choreography/Special Effects -- Alan Padziński
Lyrics/Vocals -- Aleksandra Wysocka/Marek Walczyk
Make-up -- Agnieszka Wysocka
Costumes -- Olga Maksymiszyn/Aleksandra Wysocka/Agnieszka Wysocka/Jagoda Adamiec/Alan Padziński/Marek Walczyk
Music -- "The Wandering Isle" from World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria soundtrack
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