How to get across the broken bridge in the Timeless Isle by scotwarcraft
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Without the legendary cloak, you're not supposed to be able to cross the broken bridge in the Timeless Isle. I'm sure you've seen Priests, Mages or Warlocks selling grips / slowfalls or portals across the gap, but there's another way (without being an engineer)

Find Ku-Mo in the south east corner of the Celestial Court. Then buy the Golden Glider (5 charges) for 1000 Timeless Coins. After that, run up the road to the broken bridge, run to the gap, click the glider in your bags & glide safely to the other side!

**Edit** Had a few people on reddit ask me "what's the purpose of being up there?" Well you can access the Blazing Chest for one and the respawn timers on the mobs up there seem to be a lot faster for rep farming.

twitter @Scottwarcraft

edit: If you want to know how to get the Blazing Chest & your Burden of Eternity token, watch this vid:

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