How to get to the Blazing Chest for your guaranteed Burden of Eternity by scotwarcraft
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Normally you'd need the legendary cloak or need to be a class with levitate, leap of faith, slow fall or a lock portal... However with a golden glider, you can access Ordon Sanctuary and loot the Blazing Chest that is a guaranteed drop for a Burden of Eternity, which allows you to upgrade any of the Timeless Armor tokens to 535 ilvl

If you're not sure where to buy the Golden Glider, check out my other video:

You can only loot the Blazing Chest once per character and Burden of Eternities only work on the Timeless Armor tokens BEFORE you actually create the item. In other words, if you try to apply the Burden of Eternity to a piece of Timeless 496ilvl gear that you already created, it won't work.

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