Hansol 4 by Hansol
Class: Mage | Category: PvP | Server : US - Tichondrius ( Bloodlust )
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Pulpit rock

Hello fellow WCM community! I present to you probably the most brutal installment of my movies by far. I've decided to go with a different style of editing followed by a heavier soundtrack compared to my previous releases this time around. Please keep in mind this movie was recorded very early in the season, so most players (including I) were still in the process of gearing. This movie contains a lot of world PvP action which is still jam packed with 1vX. Despite the fact that WPvP is dead, I tried my very very best to catch some decent clips, so hope you enjoy! There is no arena in this movie, so if you'd like to see Fire in arenas, check out my other videos. :)

P.S. You may mistake this for a crit video due to the play style of the Fire spec. It's all about building up your burst and pumping them into deeps every 30 seconds and trying to survive in between those burst phases. There is little to no RNG involved except maybe a lucky pyro crit while the enemy is NOT frozen. Typically, I dont like chucking my pyros unless they ARE frozen so the crit will be guaranteed.

Paul Udarov - The Chosen
Shreddy Krueger - Marker
Fire From The Gods - Smoke Screen
Audio Jungle - Circus Adventure
Adept - Friends That Used To Be
Our Last Night - Sunrise

What to expect:
NO Arenas
Fire Mage MoP PvP
Mostly World PvP 1vX
Modern Post-Hardcore / Metalcore Soundtrack

For more visit: www.youtube.com/azncoolz
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