Varick 5 by Varick
Class: Rogue | Category: PvP | Server : US - Arthas ( Ruin )
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Hey, I'm happy to be able to bring you all another video!

This is my 5th video, I wasn't able to meet my own expectations in terms of content, I expected to be able to find a lot more world pvp than I did. One of the main problems I encountered while filming for this, is rogues are too strong. Targets can go from 100-0 in a shadow dance, or just find weakness coupled with shadow blades. This being said, If the target survives the fights can be long, too long in fact. It's really boring to watch long fights, but ones that don't present a challenge aren't fun either.

Anyways. Enough bellyaching, eh?

What to Expect:

-World PvP, what little I could find.
-Battleground PvP! 1vX
-1 Duel
-Engineering (once or twice)
-Health Potions!
-Little to no Editing.
-Strictly rogue PoV

Special Thanks: Flaw/Undo, Midvale, Rhyth, Revanent, Bonefire, Critmaster, Vimpe, Anarchies, Sarrik, Shizzune, Tosan, Holyhugs. (And Evolas! ;P )

Thanks to the Pvpers on Arthas US and Auchindoun US for being available to kill :) And thanks to RTZS (rogues take zero skill) of Arthas US for being a great help in the Tyrannical Season :)

All footage recorded in patches 5.3 and 5.4 No PvE gear was used in the making of this video. (I had the timeless food buff 10% stats in one clip.)

Cheers all, and thank you again for watching.

P.S Extra special thanks to Flaw, who once again has been hugely inspirational.
P.P.S Shoutout to Midvale, he helped me with just theorycrafting, and created this brief Machinima intro for my movie on short notice!
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