Varick - Waiting on Warlords by Varick
Class: Multiple | Category: PvP | Server : US - Auchindoun ( Retaliation )
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Hello again.

I'd like to note at the time I uploaded this - The WCM uploader wasn't working :/

This wasn't an intentional project, more of something I decided to do after frapsing a bit of stuff and realizing once Warlords comes out, It'll be absolutely pointless to hold onto my clips.

so it's not exactly the cream of the crop... and much more 1v1's than I'd like to include. But I'm overall happy with the outcome. I had fun making it, and also attempting to learn sony vegas in the process.

Thumbnail by Midvale ♥♥

Some absolutely horrible zooms, and awkward crops are in your near future.

that being said, what to expect:

-BG and World PvP 1v1 and 1vX

-Duels (Two, vs mage as rogue.)

-Rogue PvP, World and 1 Arena clip. (Subtlety, and Mutilate)

-Midvale Cameo

-Warrior PvP (1 Wpvp clip)

-Destruction Warlock (MoP and WoD patch)

-Fire Mage (Brief apperance. MoP)

-Shadow Priest (MoP, World PvP)

-My taste in music, it might not be yours. Don't hate.

-Literally the worst editing. Minimal as always, but I messed around with zooming a bit... for better or for worse.

Thanks to Midvale, Maydie, Holyhugs, Revanent, and others!

Special thanks to Anarchies for Vegas ;) and Evolas for reminding me.

oh, and if you're on Arthas, rogues take zero skill is recruiting. Talk to your local recruiter or go to

So overall, I hope you enjoy my farewell to Mists of Pandaria! And don't take it too seriously. As always, it's not a display of skill. Strictly for entertainment purposes.

Thanks for Watching!


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